Professional lighting effect for events

The live show revolution

Rollstar is a revolutionary stage effect that reinvents projectors’ movements in large live shows.

Rollstar blends electronics and mechanics in a self-contained system that supports, powers and controls the projectors installed on it, and allows them to rotate.

Rollstar sets the show in motion

All in one

Power supply and DMX management of all the installed devices. Controllable from any console.

Any project

Rollstar can be used horizontally, vertically or at any angle.

Total control

Infinite rotation in both directions; programmable speed and acceleration / deceleration ramps; indexable.


The rotating ring’s diameter and capacity can be customized to suit specific requests.

Configure Rollstar according to your needs

Rollstar includes a double aluminium ring with connecting spokes and arms, and a control box that spins the ring with infinite rotation.

Rollstar allows you to install on the ring a large variety of projectors and other scenic elements, such as moving heads, Par LEDs, blinders, strobe lights, LED panels, lasers, lighting effects, half mirror balls and projection screens.

Rollstar can be supported by hoists to control height and inclination of the system, further enriching the dynamism of the lights.

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Technical data model Rollstar 200


Total weight 100Kg (wheel + Rollbox)
Ready for coupling with 30x30, 40x40 and 52x52 trusses
2 x eyebolts for safety cable (cable not supplied)
4 x Aliscaf clamps (supplied)
Total capacity: 400Kg evenly distributed
* Max 180Kg (on outer edge of wheel only)
* Max 180Kg (on spokes only)
Power consumption:
* Max total consumption: 6.4Kw
* Motor consumption: 400W
* Max applicable load: 6Kw


Diameter: 200cm
Made of aluminium
Black finishing
Tubes diameter: 50cm (rims and spokes)


Continuous programmable rotation (clockwise and counterclockwise)
Variable and programmable speed
Min/max rotation speed: from 0 to 7 revolutions per minute
Programmable acceleration / deceleration ramp
Programmable and indexable wheel position


Rear panel control protocols:
*DMX 5 poles In and Out *ArtNet
Power input:
*32 amp single phase 220V
*Powercon In (for electronic board)
Outputs available to the projectors (from the central shaft):
*2 x PowerconTrue
*1 x DMX 5 poles

DMX 512 management

Rollstar: 8 channels
Installed projectors:
*512 channels (with ArtNet connection)
*504 channels (with DMX connection)

The rotating ring’s diameter and capacity can be customized to suit specific requests.

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