'Vasco non stop live 2022' with Rollstar.

Longing for live shows after two years of almost total blackout of major events. And longing for Vasco, who among Italian artists is perhaps the one who most represents the essence of the great live concert, the crowd, the people of fans gathered for their idol.
And a desire for great live shows also on Vasco part, who loves the intense relationship that binds him to his audience. "I made an album - said the artist - with songs actually written to be performed in concert; I can't wait to get back on stage".

All the prerequisites for a memorable tour, just as memorable as all Vasco's latest tours.

And finally it has arrived: Vasco non stop live 2022, an auspicious name for a tour postponed two years in a row due to the Covid emergency.
11 concerts in 11 stadiums, from May 20th to June 30th.

The response of his fans was enthusiastic: 120,000 people gathered at the first concert in Trento, 80,000 at the second in Milan, and so on with the next dates almost all sold out.

Vasco's tours are such spectacular events that they become memorable. Vasco performs in stadiums, this is his favorite environment; a performance that is integrated with an installation of size and quality of international level, featuring a highly effective lighting setup, open to the most interesting technological innovations; like the new Rollstar, chosen for the light show of Vasco non stop live 2022 tour. 8 Rollstars are aligned above the LED walls, fixed to the front trusses; 6 blinders (central area), and 6 Clay Paky Xtylos (outer edge) are installed on each of the 8 units (custom made with a diameter of 1.5 meters).
The 8 Rollstar systems are used as 'specials', mainly while performing some classic songs from Vasco's repertoire, such as Delusa, Albachiara, Stupendo, Gli Spari Sopra.

LD: Giovanni Pinna.
Rental Company: BOTW.

Rollstar is marketed worldwide by Zalight.

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