Rollstar at the Eurovision Song Contest 2022

The Eurovision Song Contest is the most anticipated TV show of the year.

An event that has involved over 50 countries since 1956, becoming a symbol of peace and brotherhood in the name of music.

The Eurovision Song Contest has been for some years the most popular television show in the world, being broadcast live to an audience of hundreds million people in the five continents.

2022 is a special year for the Contest, not only because it returns to Italy after 31 years, but above all because the event celebrates the rebirth of great live shows after the two-year stop due to the pandemic. That’s why the production of the Contest has decided to highlight the event using cutting-edge technology together with unique and innovative scenic machinery.

And the stage of the Eurovision Song Contest 2022 is the exclusive place for the world premiere and international launch of the Rollstar. This important recognition of Italian creativity is a great source of pride for us. RAI production sensed the great potential of Rollstar thanks to its enormous creative possibilities and its undisputed scenographic impact.

The lighting project of the show includes no less than 16 Rollstar 200, divided into 4 clusters of 4 units each.

Each Rollstar supports and manages 6 x Jorgos R2Lights and 8 x Pointe Robe.

The clusters are controlled by a system of hoists and rails that allow them to be moved, raised and lowered, and tilted.

The interaction between the motion of the clusters, the rotation of the wheels, the movement of the moving heads and the effects of the Jorgos, characterizes the event with an extraordinary and unprecedented visual impact.

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